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The Top 3 Things to Focus on During Your Interview

We’re addressed the top of the face-to-face interview numerous times in this blog over the past two years. In fact, we addressed it just last week.

Other times we’ve done so include the following:

That’s a lot of sixes, but please don’t think the job interview is evil, because it’s not. However, the interview can be tricky to navigate if you’re not properly informed regarding its nature and what you should do and not do. As you can see above, we’ve already covered some of that information.

However, in this blog post, we’re going to delve a little deeper and discuss the things that are most important. First, you must remember that you can not make the interview about you. No, you must make the interview about the company.

What hiring officials really want to know is what you can do for them. They have a need, and they want to know if you can help them meet that need.

With that in mind, below are the top three things to focus on during your interview:

#1—How your skills and experience line up with the job responsibilities

It’s definitely part of your responsibility as a candidate to “connect the dots,” so to speak. Those dots involve what you bring to the table in terms of skills and abilities and the position that the company is attempting to fill. Look for opportunities to connect these dots during the course of the interview. This illustrates your potential worth and increases the chances that you will be seen in a positive light.

#2—The goals for growth that the company is trying to achieve

Ideally, you’ve already conducted research about the company. You know their business model and how they make money. When it comes time for you to ask questions, be sure to inquire about their goals for growth and production. Ask how you will be able to contribute to the attainment of those goals. Once you start discussing the future of the company, it will be easier for hiring managers to visualize you as part of that future.

#3—The value that you could bring to the company

Focus on what you can do for them, in all areas. We’re talking about not just skills and experience, but also “soft skills” such as interpersonal communication. Perhaps you’re a great “people person.” Convey that to the hiring managers. Articulate your value and how that value could help the company. Make the conversation about them achieving their goals, not you getting the job.

Have you focused on these things during your face-to-face interviews? If not, how well did the interviews go? Make them the focus of your next interview, and you might be surprised by the difference it makes.

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