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The One Trait That Can Give You an Edge in the Job Market

Everybody wants an edge in the job market. And if they do have an edge of some kind, they probably want another one. (You can never have too many, right?)

Well, there is apparently a trait in short supply. And of course, when something is in short supply, that something becomes more valuable. That’s the essence of the law of supply and demand.

In this instance, the trait that is in short supply is resiliency.

In a nutshell, resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges. More specifically, it’s the ability to overcome adversity.

Not only are resilient people able to overcome challenges and adversity, but they’re also able to bounce back stronger than they were before. For many people, they’re not just stronger after they endure whatever trial they were enduring. In many instances, they’re also more intelligent, wiser, and better able to tackle an even bigger trial in the future.

So why is there a shortage of resiliency in the employment marketplace?

Well, it could be argued that there has always been a shortage. As a result, those job seekers and employees who display resiliency are the people who stand the best chance of being successful in their careers (and their lives).

But these days? There are many hiring and employment experts who believe the influx of Millennials into the workforce has diluted that workforce in terms of resiliency. There are quite a few theories abounding that attempt to explain this phenomenon:

  • Our instant-gratification society has conditioned people to believe that success should come more easily than it actually does.
  • Younger people are accustomed to being rewarded for the smallest of achievements. (Participation trophies, anybody?) As a result, the bar for achievement has been subconsciously lowered. And when these people are NOT rewarded for the smallest of achievements? You can imagine their reaction.
  • “Helicopter parents” have gone to great lengths to shield their children from disappointment. Unfortunately, when you’re shielded from disappointment, it’s difficult to train yourself to deal with disappointment. Parents may have thought they were helping their children, but unfortunately when those children venture out into the real world, the opposite is actually the case.

Here’s the thing: employers want workers who are resilient. In fact, they demand workers who are resilient. They don’t want to hire people who are NOT resilient. True, it’s sometimes difficult to know who’s resilient and who’s not before hiring them. But a worker is not going to last long if they show a pattern of wilting in the face of adversity.

So if you want to gain an edge in the job market (or just an edge with your current employer), all you have to do is display resiliency. You must respond to challenging situations and circumstances in a positive, proactive, and productive way. You must NOT blame other people for those situations and circumstances or attempt to take “the easy way out.”

There is no “easy way out” when it comes to being resilient. The only way is to stand tall, withstand the situation, and be ready to deal with everything that comes with it.

And that will give you an employment edge.

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