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This is the Impression You Want to Make During the Interview

The interview is one of the most important parts of the job search, if not THE most important. As evidence of that, we’ve devoted quite a few blog posts to the subject.

Obviously, your number-one goal as a job seeker is to land a job. Your number-two goal is to land an interview. That’s because you can’t get the job unless you get the interview.

Actually, let’s qualify that statement just a bit. You can’t get the job unless you both get the interview and then do well during it. And to do well during it, you must make a great impression.

Yes, you must also have the necessary skills, and yes, you must also have the experience for the position. But during the interview, your personality and character are analyzed, as well. There are many things for which hiring managers are looking.

With that in mind, THIS is the impression that you want to make during the interview:

#1—That you’re motivated

Believe it or not, being motivated is just half the battle. The other half is how you’re motivated. Companies want employees who are intrinsically motivated. They want people who motivate themselves every day, as opposed to being motivated by other people (or other things). So make sure that your motivation is on display.

#2—That you’re focused

Focus is a prerequisite for production. People who get distracted easily have difficulty finishing tasks and finishing them on time. Meeting deadlines is an important part of excelling in the workplace, and doing so requires focus. Those interviewing you will want to see if you display the focus that is necessary to meet deadlines and finish important projects.

#3—That you’re attentive

Companies do not want to hire people who daydream or who make a habit of not paying attention. This is especially the case if they’re hiring people to work with machinery, heavy or otherwise. They don’t want to hire people who will contribute to workplace accidents. So pay close attention to the questions that are being asked during the interview. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification on a question, but be sure not to “zone out” and miss a question altogether.

Making the right impression during the interview is very important in terms of landing a job. You must prove to the hiring officials that you have what it takes. And as we pointed out, that goes way beyond just the skills and experience necessary for the position.

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