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The Importance of Improving Your Branding Experience

In a previous blog post, we discussed “10 Quick Tips for Becoming More Employable.” One of the items on that list was “Improve Your Branding Experience.”

Since that item is one of which not many people are aware, we’re devoting an entire blog post to the topic. That’s because it’s an important topic to not only know about, but also one you can use to gain an advantage in the employment marketplace.

So what is the branding experience? Essentially, it describes the decisions that people make about you as a result of their interactions with you. It includes everything you do, everything you say, and everything you don’t say. It might sound complicated, but it really isn’t.

People like to be around people . . . who they like to be around. You know at least one person you like to be around. Whey do you like to be around them? What characteristics draw you to them? That person is providing a positive branding experience for you.

A positive branding experience is crucial in the employment marketplace. That’s because people want to work with people they like. If you provide a positive experience and people like you as a result of it, then they’ll be more likely to want to work with you. That also means they’ll be more likely to hire you.

So what does a positive branding experience involve? We’re glad you asked! Below are five qualities that constitute a positive branding experience in the minds of those people with whom you interact:

#1—A high energy level

Not a frantic energy level, mind you, but energy attracts people. Nobody likes being around a “wet blanket.” True, some people are more outgoing than others, but everybody can work on being more of an extrovert. You don’t have to be Jim Carrey or Robin Williams, but a little bit of hutzpah helps.

#2—A positive attitude

Being positive also helps. Just like nobody likes a “wet blanket,” nobody likes an “Eeyore,” either. (Fans of Winnie the Pooh will know that reference.) Turn that frown upside down, my friend.


Hope sells and it sells big. When you’re optimistic, you’re hopeful. When you’re hopeful, other people around you start becoming hopeful. People like being hopeful (as opposed to the alternative). So strive to consistently strike an optimistic chord.


Once again, you don’t have to be Jim Carrey or Robin Williams, but light-hearted humor can create a warm conversation. Look for the funny in situations. Remember, there are three elements in comedy: content, timing, and delivery.

#5—A “no pressure” approach

Nobody likes pressure. People fall into two categories: those who create pressure for others and those who relieve pressure for others. Make sure you fall into the latter category.

What kind of branding experience do YOU provide for people? How do you stack up in the five areas listed above? Work to improve your experience and you give yourself a better chance to enjoy more professional success.

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