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Contract Staffing
Clients in need of temporary associates can use contract staffing. Contract staffing gives our Clients the benefits of the flexibility to meet production goals and an all-inclusive rate that encompasses:
payroll taxes
worker’s compensation
and more
For more information about our pre-screening process, click here. Time takes pride in our motto to Match the Right People, the Right Way, Every Time.

When our Clients are looking for new employees, a perfect option is a Contract-to-Direct arrangement. A qualified Time associate is placed in our Client’s facility for a predetermined length of time. At the successful conclusion of the contract period, the Client may directly hire the Time Associate at no additional cost.
Working with associates during such a probationary period provides the opportunity to determine whether or not the arrangement is beneficial to both parties. During the contract period all costs associated with payroll, taxes, worker’s compensation, health insurance, and unemployment are managed by Time.

Direct Placement
Sometimes Clients need to hire a new employee in a short amount of time. That’s a great opportunity to allow Time to find you the right candidate! Candidates are screened and qualified to make sure all of your requirements are met. You also have the opportunity to interview candidates and to make the best selection.

If desired, you also have the opportunity to interview candidates to help make the best selection.

Time’s order fulfillment process provides us with the information necessary to identify the best individuals for you. Once a selection is made and the new employee starts work, you are billed an agreed-upon placement fee. This option saves you the time and cost of the recruiting process, while maintaining your required screening and interviewing guidelines.

What can Time Staffing Inc. do for an Employer looking to hire?
Time works with multiple businesses around Ohio, to create solutions for the ever changing requests in the industry. Whether you are looking for short-term, long-term, direct-hire, or temps we are here to fill those needs!

Here is a brief overview of how Time Staffing Inc. works:
Our internal staff are trained in conducting phone and face-to-face interviews with potential clients and candidates. Additionally, once a month, each internal staff member completes training to stay current on laws, practices, and changes in the industry.

Time Staffing Inc. Pre-Screening Process
Our pre-screening process is tailored to your specific needs. If necessary, an extensive pre-screening process can be completed. The pre-screening may involve:
background check
drug screening
reference check
job related skills testing

Every candidate is required to complete:
a face-to-face interview
safety training videos
completion of I-9 forms
other human resources pre-hire paperwork

Time Staffing Inc. also offers 100s of different testing assessments (available at the client’s request).

After Hire Support (Customer Service Support)
Either Manager or a Staffing Specialist is available 24/7 to handle any employee issues that might arise.

Internal Staff Training
Our Staffing Specialists complete extensive training and are lifelong learners. New Staffing Specialists are required to complete over 15 hours of training within the first 90 days of employment. All Staffing Specialists are required to complete training on the following topics:
Guarding Against Interview Biases
Interviewing and Hiring Practices
Recruiting and Selecting Candidate’s
Employee Sexual Harassment Awareness
Harassment in the Workplace
Workplace Diversity Awareness, EEO, and Discriminatory Practices in Hiring
ACA Regulations and Procedures
Communication Business Etiquette
Customer Service over the Phone
Working for Inner Boss: Personal Accountability
Customer Service Confrontation
Conflict and Effective Relationship with Customers
Administering Drug Screens
Criminal Background Analysis

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