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4 BIG Things That Resilient People Do

In a previous blog post, we discussed “The One Trait That Can Give You an Edge in the Job Market.” That one trait? Resiliency. However, it’s one thing to say that you need to have resiliency. It’s another thing to know how to be resilient. On one hand, resiliency is like any other trait or […]

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The Importance of Finding a Good Mentor

It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in or what you do for a living. Everybody could use a good mentor, regardless of where they are in terms of their employment. Sure, those who are just starting out in their careers could probably benefit the most from a mentoring relationship. However, people at all […]

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5 Steps for Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

In a previous blog post this month, we explored “Gaining the Advantage of Emotional Intelligence.” In that post, we listed and addressed the five basic components of emotional intelligence: Emotional awareness Emotional regulation Emotional empathy Emotional motivation Social skills When you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage in the employment marketplace, emotional intelligence can give […]

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