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Why Team Building is for ALL of Your Employees

As we’ve discussed before in this blog, company culture is more important than ever. It’s important to the employees who work for organizations, and it’s important to those organizations who want to have happy employees. Team-building activities are certainly part of an organization’s company culture. These activities can take many forms. They can be simple […]

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Presenting the #1 Trait That Job Seekers Want

In our previous blog post, we addressed the “#1 Trait That Makes You Hire-Worthy.” We identified that trait as the ability to solve problems. This week, we’re going to “flip the script,” so to speak. That’s because we’re going to address the #1 trait that job seekers want. And once again, there are many things […]

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Marijuana, Drug Screenings, and Your Organization

All companies and organizations have a drug policy regarding current and prospective employees. (At least, they should have a drug policy.) During the past several years, marijuana has made national headlines, namely in terms of the legality of its use. Not only have a number of states legalized the recreational use of marijuana, but over […]

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