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7 Things to Do Before the Face-to-Face Interview

We’ve written extensively in this blog about things you should do during the interview and after the interview. But of course, what you do before the interview is just as important, and some people may say that it’s even more important. That’s because what you do prior to the interview is all about preparation. If […]

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3 More Things to Do After Your Interview

We’ve discussed at length the importance of the face-to-face interview during the hiring process. We’ve also touched upon one aspect of the “after interview,” which is the follow-up note or letter. In fact, we’ve written not one, but two articles about the follow-up note: “How to Make Your Follow-up Letter Stand Out” “What Kind of […]

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2 Steps for Standing Out During Your Interview

In our previous blog post, we presented some epic interview fails (courtesy of job board CareerBuilder), and we also addressed the importance of being memorable during your face-to-face interview . . . the right way. While that is all fine and good, the question becomes this: exactly how do you become memorable during the interview? […]

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Be Memorable During the Interview . . . for the Right Reasons

We’ve discussed interviews extensively in this blog, including the following topics: Things to say during the face-to-face interview Things NOT to say during the face-to-face interview Tips for the telephone interview Questions to ask during the face-to-face interview Questions to be ready to answer during the interview While these are all helpful topics and helpful […]

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Top 5 Job Search Mistakes

In our previous blog post, we listed 10 questions that you should ask yourself before launching your job search. In that post, we discussed the fact that job seekers make a ton of mistakes in their quest to find a better employment situation. So that begs the question: what are the worst job search mistakes? […]

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10 Tips for a Better Phone Interview

We’ve discussed the importance of the phone interview before in the Time Staffing blog. In fact, here are some previous posts on the topic: “How to Stay Calm During a Phone Interview” “Prepare for These 6 Questions During Your Phone Interview” With this blog post, we’re addressing specific tips that will help you to enjoy […]

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