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“Nature vs. Nurture” in the Employment Marketplace

You might have heard the phrase “nature vs. nurture” before. If not, perhaps you’ve heard about “heredity vs. environment.” Both of these phrases basically address the same subject. That subject: what is ultimately responsible for how a child turns out. Is it nature, the way that a child is hard-wired from birth? Or is it […]

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The #1 Reason to Fill Open Positions in a Timely Manner

In the world of business and employment, value is king. Companies hire employees because those employees provide value, predominately through the work that they do for the organization. For many companies, that value takes the form of production. If employees are producing, that creates value. (Ultimately, it creates cash flow and profit.) If employees are […]

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6 Ways to Experience Freedom from Bad Hires

Yesterday was Independence Day, so writing a blog post about freedom is quite timely. And no organization wants to make a bad hire. So this is a great time to put these two things together! We’ve touched upon the topic of bad hires in this blog previously: “6 Ways a Bad Hire Can Negatively Affect […]

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The “4 Cs” of Hiring Great People

When you’re attempting to hire quality individuals, you should be thinking about the letter C. No, not because you want to hire average (or C-level) people. But because there are four guiding words that start with the letter C that can have a positive impact on your hiring efforts. In other words, when you’re interviewing […]

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Hiring with the Company Culture in Mind

Welcome to our continuing blog post series for employers about how to hire well. Previous posts in this series include the following: “2 Simple Steps for Exceptional Hiring” “More Tips for Hiring Quality Employees Who Succeed” In this blog post, we’re going to continue our discussion regarding hiring success. However, we’re going to look at […]

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More Tips for Hiring Quality Employees Who Succeed

In a previous post in this blog, we introduced “2 Simple Steps for Exceptional Hiring.” In this post, we’re going to piggy-back off that post with more tips for hiring quality employees. What’s the number-one factor when it comes to hiring quality employees? Production—you want employees who are going to be productive, and more specifically, […]

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2 Simple Steps for Exceptional Hiring

There are a lot of facets to the hiring process. However, that does not mean hiring great people has to be difficult. In fact, if you view it as difficult, it can become sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, it becomes as difficult as you think it will be. That’s why in this […]

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Employer Tips for Choosing a Staffing Agency

In our last several blog posts, we’ve touted the value of working with a staffing agency, and we’ve touted it from both sides of the coin—the job seeker side and the employer side. In terms of employers, we’ve addressed the benefits of filling temp-to-hire positions, as well as the fact that you can fill direct […]

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