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“Nature vs. Nurture” in the Employment Marketplace

You might have heard the phrase “nature vs. nurture” before. If not, perhaps you’ve heard about “heredity vs. environment.” Both of these phrases basically address the same subject. That subject: what is ultimately responsible for how a child turns out. Is it nature, the way that a child is hard-wired from birth? Or is it […]

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4 BIG Things That Resilient People Do

In a previous blog post, we discussed “The One Trait That Can Give You an Edge in the Job Market.” That one trait? Resiliency. However, it’s one thing to say that you need to have resiliency. It’s another thing to know how to be resilient. On one hand, resiliency is like any other trait or […]

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The #1 Reason to Fill Open Positions in a Timely Manner

In the world of business and employment, value is king. Companies hire employees because those employees provide value, predominately through the work that they do for the organization. For many companies, that value takes the form of production. If employees are producing, that creates value. (Ultimately, it creates cash flow and profit.) If employees are […]

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