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5 Easy Steps for Excelling in the Workplace

To one degree or another, everybody wants to excel in the workplace. After all, who doesn’t want to succeed, no matter who you are?

Well, it seems that some people make success (and what you need to achieve it) to be more difficult than it really has to be. There are some simple steps involved in setting yourself up for success, and they really don’t take much in the way of time, effort, or energy.

However, when it comes to experiencing success, they’re not “nice to haves.” They are non-negotiable “must-haves.” Five easy steps for excelling in the workplace are as follows:

#1—Show up on time.

Sounds easy, right? But apparently, not everybody is able to do it. If so, then everybody would show up to work on time every day. This is why those who do show up on time every day stand out from those who do not. And those who do are definitely better positioned to perform better and enjoy more success.

#2—Be prepared.

If you’re going to show up for work on time, then you might as well be prepared. This means being prepared both mentally and physically. In other words, you’re wearing the appropriate attire, but is “your head in the game”? Are you focused on the task at hand and ready to carry out your duties in the best way possible?

#3—Be open to instruction.

Training and instruction are part of the workplace. There’s no way around that. The people who excel the most are those who are open to being taught. They don’t push back and they don’t dismiss managers and/or co-workers who are trying to help them. The rule is simple: everybody can learn something from everybody. There is no exception to that rule.

#4—Have a positive attitude.

Having a positive attitude is a choice, plain and simple. Yes, some people are more predisposed to having a positive attitude than others. However, it’s still a choice. Nobody likes to be around somebody who is negative all the time and who provides a negative experience. People are intrinsically drawn to those who are positive in nature. Be one of the positive people.

#5—Strive to go above and beyond.

This involves actual effort. To this point, you’ve been showing up on time and you’ve been prepared, positive, and open to instruction. But eventually, you have to produce. Meeting expectations is good, but exceeding them is even better. Even if you’re not able to exceed expectations in terms of raw results, exceeding them in terms of effort is a good start. You have to put one foot in front of the other, both literally and figuratively.

As you can see, everybody can accomplish the items on this list. This serves as the foundation for success in the workplace. If you have these elements, then you can acquire and accomplish everything else that’s necessary for further growth and development.

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