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4 More Sure-Fire Ways to Make Sure You Do Not Get Hired

Last year, we posted a blog that presented “4 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Sure You Do NOT Get Hired.” Well, we’re back with more!

We’re back with more sure-fire ways to make sure you don’t get hired, that is. To recap, the original four ways were as follows:

  • Grammar mistakes and/or typos on your resume
  • Social media blunders
  • Failure to follow up
  • Dishonesty

This time around, we’re going to focus specifically on mistakes that you might make during the face-to-face interview. After all, the interview is what can “make or break” your. Either you impress the company and receive an offer, or you don’t impress then and are shown the door (figuratively and literally). Below are four more sure-fire ways to make sure you don’t get hired:


Wear the correct attire. Don’t wear a dress shirt or sport coat with sneakers. In addition, wear all of your attire. Don’t show up without socks, for instance. It does not matter how structured or casual the company culture is or what you’ll be wearing once you’re hired. Dress to impress. Always.

#2—Asking what the company does

This will eliminate your candidacy almost faster than anything else. Conducting research about the company is not optional. It’s not optional for somebody who wants to actually get hired, that is. Do not ask this question, even if you don’t know what the company does. In such a case, silence is preferable.

#3—Using your cell phone/smartphone

Hiring managers would like your attention. Your undivided attention, preferably. The interview is no place for your smartphone addiction. Text messaging, Facebook, even phone calls—they can all wait until you’re done. In fact, leave your phone in the car, if possible.

#4—Bringing your Starbucks

And leave your latte in the car, too. Sure, you might be a caffeine fiend, but this will only annoy hiring managers. After all, there’s a good chance they’re going to offer you a drink, anyway. Yes, department store coffee might not be as good as Starbucks. Sacrifices must be made.

There are plenty of things that you can do to help your candidacy during a job search. Unfortunately, some people can’t seem to “get out of their own way.” They commit these and other mistakes, and these blunders only serve to hurt search and their career.

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