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4 Factors Involved in Hiring the Wrong Person

Okay, so we’ve discussed how a bad hire can negatively affect your company and the steps you can take to address a bad hire once you’ve already made one.

However, how did you get there? What led to your organization making a bad hire in the first place?

There are a number of factors involved. While any one of them can contribute to a bad hire, you increase the chances of hiring the wrong person when a combination of factors are present.

However, let’s examine these things one at a time. Below are four factors involved in hiring the wrong person:

#1—Lack of preparedness

This can take many different forms. Not anticipating a hiring need indicates a lack of preparedness. Not engaging in any workforce planning also indicates a lack of preparedness. If you’re not prepared to do something, then you probably will NOT do it well . . . and hiring people to join your team is something that you need to do well.

#2—Hasty hiring process

Dragging out the hiring process is not advisable, but neither is accelerating it. When you go too fast, mistakes are made. That applies to other things, and it absolutely applies to hiring employees. Your organization’s hiring process should be streamlined, but it should also have specific steps that involve multiple people who are vested in the process and who are responsible for ensuring that it’s ultimately effective.

#3—Poor reference checking

First of all, you must conduct reference checks. If you don’t even conduct them, then you’re increasing the chances of a bad hire exponentially. However, if you do conduct them, but you conduct them poorly, that can produce a similar result. Do you have a dedicated person who checks references? A dedicated process?

#4—“Settling” for a candidate

Sure, you need somebody for the position. Sure, it’s an important position and there’s a sense of urgency tied to filling it. However, “settling” for a candidate is like “settling” for a spouse or mate. It’s not advisable. Don’t hire somebody just to hire somebody. Make sure that you’re hiring the right person and that you’re absolutely sure that they’re the right person. If you don’t, then you will likely suffer the consequences.

Has your organization made a bad hire recently? Does it have a history of hiring people who are not a fit for the position, the company, or both?

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