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The “4 Cs” of Hiring Great People

When you’re attempting to hire quality individuals, you should be thinking about the letter C.

No, not because you want to hire average (or C-level) people. But because there are four guiding words that start with the letter C that can have a positive impact on your hiring efforts.

In other words, when you’re interviewing people and considering whether or not they should join your organization, you should view them in light of each of these four words. The “4 Cs” of hiring great people are as follows:


Just about everybody would agree on what constitutes good character and what constitutes bad character. When hiring, it is always a top priority to hire people of good character, hard-working individuals who care about other people and take pride in their work. It doesn’t matter if a candidate possesses the other three C’s on this list. If they’re lacking in this area, it could cancel out everything else.


Obviously, a candidate can’t be a great hire unless they’re competent regarding the work that they’ll be doing once you hire them. However, they should be competent beyond just their core responsibilities. They should also be competent in other areas, or at the very least, be able to learn new skills and apply them to their everyday duties.


There are two aspects to work: the quality of the work and the amount of work completed. Basically, it’s quality vs. quantity, and if you’re looking to hire great employees, you want both. You want somebody who is capable of completing large quantities of qualify work. They don’t have to be capable of that when you hire them; they just need to be capable of achieving that over time.


This pertains to how well the candidate might get along with everybody else in the organization, especially within their own department. Hiring somebody who is combative or standoffish will almost certainly cut into productivity. New employees should not only be willing to work in a cooperative fashion, but also have above-average communication and interpersonal skills.

Ideally, more than one person from your organization should interview candidates. As such, everybody involved with the process must also view candidates in light of the “4 Cs.” Then, once the interview is over, everybody can meet to discuss what they think about the job seeker and whether or not they would be a good hire.

Because when it comes to hiring, there’s another word that starts with the letter “C” that’s important. That word is consensus. Most everybody should be in agreement regarding the candidate(s) in question and what should be done with them.

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