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2 Steps for Standing Out During Your Interview

In our previous blog post, we presented some epic interview fails (courtesy of job board CareerBuilder), and we also addressed the importance of being memorable during your face-to-face interview . . . the right way.

While that is all fine and good, the question becomes this: exactly how do you become memorable during the interview? To review, we listed the following in our previous post:

  • Possessing the skills and experience necessary
  • Conducting research
  • Saying the right things
  • Asking the right questions
  • Handling yourself in the correct fashion

However, what specifically can you do? Generalities are all fine and good, but sinking your teeth into some particulars is more beneficial.

With that in mind, below are two steps for standing out during your interview:

#1—Turn the interview into an engaging conversation.

Think about how many people the hiring manager has interviewed, just for this position alone. It can become monotonous. Faces start to blur. Words begin to ring hollow. It’s only human nature. That’s why you must turn this from an interview into a conversation.

With that in mind, it’s okay to talk about things other than the company or the job itself. You’re looking to make a connection with the person or people interviewing you, whether it’s a professional connection, a personal one, or both. Successfully making a connection automatically makes you more memorable, and striking up an engaging conversation can help you to make that connection.

#2—Give the hiring manager something tangible to keep.

Out of sight, out of mind—right? Maybe, but what if you leave something behind to remind the hiring manager of your visit? That can increase the likelihood they will remember you, especially if you’re also memorable in other ways during the interview.

You’ve got your resume, sure. But what else can you leave behind? A portfolio of work? Something else that documents your past success?

Be creative and construct a document that will illustrate the value that you could bring to the organization as an employee. If possible, bring more than one document. However, don’t create documents just to create them. Only do so if they aid in your mission.

Now that we’ve broached the subject, everything about the interview and everything about being memorable (for the right reasons) is rooted in value.

Yes, being able to hold an engaging conversation makes you memorable, but it’s also a skill. Possessing that skill makes you valuable, and THAT also makes you even more memorable. See how it works?

So if you want to be more memorable, focus on the value you can bring. Then show that value in as many different ways as you can.

Employers need to know what value you possess before they’ll want to hire that value.

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